Ondes : Bernadette à Jubéo

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Indications de Jean Revillard : Emma, Anne, Anne-Marie, et Bernadette live a nightmare from years. They were diagnosed hyper electro sensitive by the team of professor Belpomme in Paris. It means that they don't support domestic current and high frequency wave like mobile phone and wifi. From years they try to find some "white zone" without electro magnetic field. They slept in stables, caves, abandonned farm. They find in some refuge in litle zone in Drôme France were the y can sleep. They live in a tiny valley or waves do not spend much. They call this place «white Zone».This gives it a little respite despite mobile phone hikers who pass beside. Elecrosensitivity symptoms are recognised by WTO. From December 2013 France give disabled compensation, but don’t recognise the disease. From a swedish scientist study, in Europe we estimate at 3 per cent of the population the people who are electromagnetic fields sensible at different level. Bernadette in Jubeo. She was air hostess when she suddently realise that she can't support any magnetic field again, she escape Paris, lived in forest and in cave during five year. Now she find a little stability in a stable in the Hautes-Alpes France.
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